Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Vision for this Blog

Because I found it so difficult to start using GIMP, and because I think that once you're used to it it's such a great program (and FREE, which is so important to some of us), I decided to make that the theme of this, my new scrapbooking blog. I hope to be an encouragement and show what can be done with the program with practice, and as time allows, create a few tutorials to help you get started with GIMP, too, if you want to. I've learned completely by trial and error, and by seeing other people's layouts made using photoshop and trying to simulate the same look using GIMP. I have read a few online tutorials but many of them are for older versions, and I have not found any geared towards scrapbooking, so maybe there is room in that area for me to help. Once I have written some tutorials, if I can help even a few people to break into this fun hobby affordably then I think I will feel satisfied with the time spent. :)

The blog will also be a way for me to chronicle my journey as I continue to scrapbook and learn new styles and techniques, and work with new materials. I'll be posting some of the layouts that I create here, and if I am working with any designers as a member of their creative team, I'll promote their products here to help them out as a way of saying thank-you to them for allowing me to scrap with their kits.

Thanks for reading!

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