Monday, March 21, 2011

New CT for me!

Last weekend I was accepted into the CT of Maya de Groot, who recently opened her shop at Oscraps. I have already had the pleasure of scrapping with several of her lovely kits and I look forward to seeing what she comes out with in the future as well...she seems quite talented!

Let me show you what I've done with her designs so far...

Primavera at Oscraps
Under the Trampoline

All About at Oscraps

My Time

Stuck on You at Oscraps


Revisiting DSC

The first scrapbooking forum I posted on was Digital Scrap Cafe, which is where I "met" Val who I now create for, and several other wonderful people whose company I regularly enjoy on the forums. I'm not in on any inside scoop there, I just posted there, so I can't tell you all of what happened, but their site did go down in October for a couple of MONTHS. I had already begun to get involved in the MScraps forum, though, so I was OK. DSC did reopen in January but I have been preoccupied with other sites. A couple of weeks ago, though, I thought I'd head over there and do some challenges as a nice way to kick myself in the butt and put some of the beautiful kids I have from designers there to good use! So I did. I did both challenges and ended up with two layouts that I am very happy with:

Click on links to go to DSC gallery and see credits for the kits used. I snuck one of Val's Chicky Chooks into the second layout. <3 :D

Brrr Cold Pool

Happy Umbrella

Maybe I will be able find time to do a couple of challenges there again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to Life --the kit AND my mood!

I am thrilled with how appropriate Val's new kit is for me. I'm SO affected by the weather and I truely feel like I'm coming back to life this week, even though I haven't been feeling well physically. The weather has been beautiful! I have been soaking it up. Callia has been excited to get started on gardening, too, and we planted our first seeds of the year together a couple of days ago. :) So this kit matches my mood perfectly! I love the colors Val chose, and the word art is fantastic. She and I must be kindred spirits when it comes to spring...

I pulled out a few pictures from last year at this time to make my first layout with it:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More layouts

Continuing on with my scrapping. Note to self: try to scrap faster. I seem to be taking forever even longer on each layout these days than I used to!

I did a last minute layout to snag a point for one of the February MScraps challenges. The challenge was to journal how your love story began, starting with the beginning of marriage, the first date, whatever. I chose to journal the first time we met. Silliness, but still cute to remember. :)

I am not sure about how I chose to showcase it, though. Does it look somber? Like a consolation card or something.

And I did a second page with Val C. and Jen Yurko's "This Smile" kit, as a companion to the first one I did. I stubbornly didn't include green or yellow in the first, but I let it sneak into this layout, and I like it!

It really is a cute kit. Perfect for Callia when she was littler.