Sunday, April 3, 2011

Having fun with MScraps challenges; Zig Zag opening a forum!

I've been feeling happy scrapping lately. So I have been doing quite a bit of it. I did 7 of the monthly challenges for March on MScraps, which is a lot for me compared to other months! One of these days I'd like to actually get them all done. Maybe it could happen this month--I really like all of the challenges! I've already posted one of them here, and one of the challenges was for a photograph, so here are the other five (Click the links below each LO for credits):


"One More Time"
"Textured Paper"

"Yellow Submarine R"

"Outside Shower"

"Lucky to Have My Sister"

I also did a challenge at DSC again, using one of the pictures of Callia swimming in St. Maarten. Pictures from that vacation are my favorite right now! Strangely, I got the inspiration for this LO while I was away from the computer. I had downloaded the word art and waited a couple of days before using it. An idea popped into my head and I went to the computer and put it together. Strange? Yes, I think so. It took quite a bit of playing around with details, but in the end turned out just as I hoped it would.

"Ocean Moment of Joy"

In other news, kind of fun, Zig Zag Scrap where Val has her store, is opening up a forum starting this Thursday, April 7th. It sounds like they are going to have challenges and give-aways and I am really looking forward to it! I got their newsletter today and it was looong and beautiful! If you're not already on their newsletter mailing list, you might want to sign up! They choose a "GLOWinner" each week from layouts in their gallery and give them points for their store....I was even chosen one week as I mentioned before, although I didn't get the newsletter at the time and didn't know about the reward until too late. Oh, well! Anyhow, I like their newsletter, AND it seems like it will be a good time over there with the opening of their forum.  Zig Zag Scrap

 And no, I didn't have to advertise for this LOL! Nobody even asked me to. I literally think it's going to be fun. :)

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